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儿童益智桌椅 / Children's educational table and chairs
新时代的教育理念 New era education concept
儿童益智桌椅将玩与学的教育理念融入到产品中,锻炼儿童从绘画到制作的逻辑思维。该产品有一个旋转桌面,正面可以进行绘画,背面可以进行手工制作。圆凳不仅可以用来存储教育玩具,还可以进行有趣的DIY制作。造型上,利用“外方内圆”的设计手法,展示了中国“合而不同”的哲学文化。包装运输采用环保纸及回收麦秆防止运输碰撞,方便后期回收,体现了产品绿色环保的价值理念。 Children's educational tables and chairs integrate the educational concepts of play and learning into products, and exercise children's logical thinking from painting to production. The product has a rotating table top that can be painted on the front and hand-made on the back. Stools can be used not only to store educational toys, but also for interesting DIY production. In terms of styling, using the design method of “foreign inner circle”, it shows the philosophical culture of “combination and difference” in China. Packing and transportation adopts environmentally-friendly paper and recycled wheat straw to prevent transportation collision, which is convenient for later recycling, reflecting the value concept of green environmental protection.