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现代·Modern Contemporary
这是一个坐落在海滨和城市景观之间的空间,你可以在这里安顿下来,陶醉于所有古老的风格魅力,结合但从未对比过你周围的现代细节。精致的魅力尽显,周围的色彩丰富而柔和,海军蓝让位于平静的灰色。有一种光泽似乎覆盖了这里的一切,从平坦的表面到空气本身,所以在你的眼睛里有一种持久的光芒,一种似乎辐射周围和促进欢腾的光芒。安静安详,凉爽放松,总是充满乐趣,总是清醒的,这个环境同样适合工作和娱乐。 Nestled between the seafront and the cityscape, this is a space where you can settle in, reveling in all the old-style charm, combined with but never contrasting the modern niceties that are all around you. Sophistication in glamour are on full display, and the colors all around are rich yet subdued, the navy blues giving way to the aquamarines to the calming greys. There is a sheen that seems to coat everything here, from flat surfaces to the air itself, so that in your eyes there is a persistent glow, one that seems to radiate all about and foster jubilation. Quiet and serene, cool and relaxed, always fun, always awake, this environment is equally suited to work and play.