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折-灯 Z-LAMP
“拉开一颗灯泡,拍下一次晚安 ” “Draw on the light, have a nighty night” Z - LAMP 是一款通过拉伸与折叠控制灯光变化的交互型小夜灯。” Z ”来自中文的 “折”,同时是产品形式的核心符号!用“折叠与拉伸”代替灯的开关,使拉伸长度和灯光照度形成视觉与行为的同步,以另一种交互方式打开一盏灯。拉伸长度=灯光亮度,尺度由用户决定,给生活带来更多的乐趣与可玩性。 Z-lamp is an interactive nighty light with using pulling and folding to control the changes of the light. “Z” stands for “Zhe”, which means “fold” in Chinese language, it is also the core symbol of the product. Z-Lamp uses an another interactive way to turn on the light: “Fold & Draw” to replace the switch, to makes the lengths and the lighting levels have the synchrony with the visual and the behave. Scale length= light intensity, the scale is determined by the users, to bring more fun and playability to life.