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南通如苑·科技城企业公馆/Ru Garden · Enterprise Mansion of Science and Technology City, Nantong
林语堂笔下的闲雅富贵院落, 正是众人心目中的终极梦想居所。 院子|是中国传统文化最强烈的一个符号。 院落|无疑是中国人绵延至今的居住情结。 五千年来,中华民族追求的“天人合一”思想,体现在建筑形态上, 便是追求“人”“建筑”“自然”的融合, 成就了别具一格的院落文化。 方寸之间,兼纳天地。 院里春秋,沉淀了中国人关于天、地、人的居住哲学 PCD品仓设计|南通如苑•四水归堂 打造出“有仪式感的中式庭院” Lin Yutang's elegant and rich courtyard, It is the ultimate dream residence in people's mind. Courtyard is the strongest symbol of Chinese traditional culture. Courtyard is undoubtedly the living complex of Chinese people. In the past five thousand years, the Chinese nation has been pursuing the idea of "the unity of man and nature", which is reflected in the architectural form, It is to pursue the integration of "human", "architecture" and "nature", A unique courtyard culture has been achieved. Square inch, and accept the world. The spring and Autumn Period in the courtyard precipitated the Chinese living philosophy of heaven, earth and man PCD product warehouse design Nantong Ruyuan · Sishui Guitang Create a "Chinese courtyard with a sense of ceremony"