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书之谷/Book Valley
“真正的诗意人居,是遵从内心的期许。”地产销售中心的迭代与创新,与时代语境密不可分。在倡导回归人居生活本质的背景下,当下地产行业走向更理性的发展方向。调研并完善用户多维使用场景与服务,将前期销售与后续的社区化运营有效结合,避免拆改带来的浪费,是开发商与设计机构在共同探讨的课题。尚石设计将“以人为本”作为做产品研发的前置理念,深挖用户需求并通过设计去打通闭环。 旭辉地产与尚石设计共同研发的新一代销售中心,沈阳旭辉·東宸府项目销售中心是一栋独立的永久性建筑,在承担前期销售功能的同时,后续将承载商业化、社区化服务,以书店丰富精神世界,让人们诗意地栖居在这片大地上。 从时间轴线与功能逻辑的思考,建筑室内一体化的设计语言和符合当地居民真实需求的潜在情感,到一个以楼盘销售和多功能复合型书店为业态的场景呈现,旭辉地产与尚石设计关照了当下与未来,在城市社区里与居民漫游“书之谷”。从书与阅读中提取灵感,将书页的线条与折角等意会成为建筑与室内设计的语言元素。独特的建筑外观犹如书的一角被折下,室内墙面亦做了折面处理,呼应建筑造型。在深长幽静的峡谷里探寻属于自己的精神世界,寻一处安全感和舒适感兼具的沙发,一杯咖啡,一本书,在一个卸下防备的空间场景,享受心灵片刻的宁静。 “An authentic poetic dwelling allows one to following his/her genuine wishes.” The upgrading and innovation happen in the real estate sales center is closely related to the change of times. In the context of promoting the returning of life itself, the development of modern real estate industry is now heading towards a more rational direction. By undertaking thorough study and keep improving multi-dimensional using experiences and services, early stage sales get to organically combined with following community operation, so as to avoid the waste of demolish and renovation. This has become the common goal that both the developer and design consultants try to achieve. Suns design adapted “Human-oriented” product as the premises of the research and development of this project, trying to build up a closed loop with design by digging up into the users’ needs. This project is built as a permanent independent architecture. It services the selling function at the real estate’s early stage and will shoulder the commercial and community functions. With the book store inside, it helps to richen the internal world of residents, so that they can live a poetic way of life. From thinking from the chronological and functional perspective, to matching the design language that combines the architecture and the interior with true emotional demands of local residents, and further to the integration of property sales center and books store, CIFI and Suns Design have the whole design not only services the current needs, but also catering the future demands, successfully creating a city center “Book Valley” for residents to wandering around. In the future, here will become a cultural living room for the community and even the whole city… the narrow and high entry foyer resembles a mysterious valley that tickles people’s curiosity and the willing to discover.