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芭蕉林/plantain forest
作品《芭蕉林》,以亚洲象的栖息地——西双版纳原始森林自然保护区作为主题,表现出生活在云南的亚洲象在自然保护区的美好生活状况,栖息环境和可持续发展的人文理念。作品以插画的形式表现出云南的珍稀动植物现实状况和人与自然的和谐共处的美好愿景。 The work "plantain forest" takes Xishuangbanna primeval forest nature reserve, the habitat of Asian elephants, as the theme. It shows the beautiful living conditions, habitat environment and sustainable development of Asian elephants living in Yunnan. In the form of illustrations, the works show the current situation of rare animals and plants in Yunnan and the beautiful vision of harmonious coexistence between man and nature.