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JACE婴童睡袋 JACE Kids' Sleeping Bag
得益于趣味性外观和实用舒适的功能,JACE婴童睡袋以“婴儿抱被”为设计理念,将床褥、被子、枕头三合一,无需固定,为用户提供一种便携的,使用场景多样的儿童睡袋。舒适安全,给0-2岁宝宝一个沉浸式的睡眠体验。 JACE希望每一个宝宝都能成为自己人生的梦想家。以入睡的宝宝进入梦的世界为主题,JACE将西瓜切片和披萨切片设计成宝宝睡袋,希望借助这两种日常生活中接触到的食物,吸引宝宝注意力,帮助宝宝认识外界事物,让宝宝在睡梦中也能充满对外界事物的幻想。根据0-2岁宝宝的视觉与信息处理能力,简化了背景和环境的装饰,并对颜色的明度、饱和度进行柔化调整,满足孩子的信息摄取需求。色彩柔和简洁,没有渐变色的使用,保证视觉舒适度,从而保护宝宝视力。 脖颈处采用碗扣式设计,舒适而且没有窒息风险,保证宝宝的睡眠安全;宽口设计与整扇枕头搭配,使得上半身没有束缚感;下摆收拢,保温的同时避免宝宝频繁翻身;枕芯、被芯采用双片设计,高度可以调节,春秋冬三季可用;开放式拉链可更换尿布。枕芯采用100%抗菌纤维,被芯采用60%的恒温纤维和40%的抗菌,透气性好,减少细菌繁殖;面料采用精梳新疆棉纱活性工艺和活性印染,柔软亲肤;产品达到FDA可咀嚼级别,更加舒适安全。 Thanks to its interesting appearance and practical and comfortable functions, the JACE kids’ sleeping bag, based on the design philosophy of "baby hugging quilt", combines bedding, quilt and pillow with no need of being fixed, providing users with a portable children's sleeping bag which can be used in various scenes. It is comfortable and safe, giving babies of 0-2 years old immersive sleeping experience. JACE hopes that every baby can be the dreamer of his or her life. With the theme of the baby getting into the world of dreams, JACE designed baby sleeping bags in the shape of watermelon and pizza slices, in the hope of attracting babies’ attention and helping them learn about the outside world by using the food that they have access to in daily life, so that babies can fantasize about the external things even in dreams. According to the visual and information processing ability of 0-2-year-old babies, the decoration of the background and environment has been simplified, and the brightness and saturation of the colors are softened and adjusted to meet babies’ needs for information gathering. Its colors are soft and simple with no use of gradient colors to ensure babies’ visual comfort and protect their eyesight. The position of the neck has a reversed bowl-shaped design, which is comfortable and has no risk of suffocation to ensure babies’ safety in sleep. The design with a large opening matches with the whole pillow, so that the upper body will not feel constrained. And its lower hem is drawn in to prevent babies from turning over frequently. The pillow and quilt inner have two-piece designs with adjustable height, which allow it to be used in spring, autumn and winter. The open zipper makes it easy to change diapers. The pillow inner is made of 100% antibacterial fiber, and the quilted inner is made of 60% thermostatic fiber and 40% antibacterial fiber, which has good breathability and can reduce bacterial growth. The fabric is processed with the reactive technology and reactive dyes of combed Xinjiang cotton yarn, making it soft and skin-friendly. The product has reached the chewable level of FDA, which is more comfortable and safer.