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成都融侨悦蓉城 Chengdu Rongqiao Yue Rong City
作品风格上将民族底蕴与现代时尚相结合。大型白色旋转楼梯踏步设计是此空间的设计亮点,简洁流畅的线条,犹如一把打开的折扇。不仅给人一种视觉的享受,同时也扩展了空间的视觉冲击力。 将其打造成一个具有休闲节奏、社交娱乐、家庭生活的多元化的城市生活空间。风格将冷绿穿梭于高级时尚与建筑绘画之间,蕴含着进退之间的张力。四层的垂直大平面空间满足了多样化的居住需求,不仅丰富了生活的享受,也拓展了空间的功能性。装饰材料主要以亚克力、纸板、成品服装材料制作成挂画。营造优雅宁静的生活氛围,延续城市现代艺术的设计理念,让客户向往美好的生活。 The work style will be the national heritage and modern fashion combination. Large white rotating stair step design is the design highlight of this space, simple and smooth lines, like an open folding fan. Not only give a person a kind of visual enjoyment, but also expand the visual impact of the space.The powerful visual impact left a deep impression on foreign visitors and attracted many customers. It will be built into a diversified urban leisure living space with line rhythm, social entertainment and family life. The style will be cold green shuttle between high fashion and architectural painting, contains the tension between advance and retreat. The vertical large flat space on the fourth floor meets the diversified living requirements, which not only enriches the enjoyment of life, but also expands the functionality of the space. Decoration materials mainly to acrylic, cardboard, finished clothing materials to make a hanging painting. Creating elegant and quiet living atmosphere and continuing the design concept of urban modern art leave customers yearning for a better life.