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幸福生活提案Wellness Living pop-up
「幸福生活提案」是香港優越生活綜合百貨店COLOURLIVING的期間限定概念區,設計目的是透過提升家居生活概念推廣個人健康。概念區融合廚房、品茶吧及水療浴池,透過輕鬆的烹飪、草本飲料和紓緩的按摩浴等促進身心健康的活動,將健康生活的概念引進家中。設計團隊以大自然為靈感,運用綠化植物、大型盆栽及植物主題的牆紙連繫三大主題區,並配合溫和的色調營造出視覺上的連貫性和舒適感,呼應了隨時在家撫慰身心靈的健康生活概念。 Wellness Living is a curated pop-up space inside integrated lifestyle store COLOURLIVING in Hong Kong designed to promote well-being through home-enhancing concepts. The corner combines a kitchen, tea bar, and pool and sauna that fosters a nourishing idea to bring wellness into home through food preparation, herbal beverage and relaxing home spa. The design team blends the three themed zones with a nod to nature with greenery such as planters and wallpaper to match with muted accents to create a visual coherence and comfort, echoing the wellness concept that pacifies the body and mind at home.