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迪拜国际室内设计大赛视觉传达设计 Dubai International Competition on Interior Design
对于一个国际性的室内设计大赛,需要国际性、文化性、专业性。从设计上需要寻找文化及专业共性,运用建筑设计领域中的符号,如伊斯兰文化中穆斯林建筑的混合特点,拱门和圆顶,现代建筑思维与传统文化思想结合,奖杯以穆斯林建筑的拱门结构来设计,寓意打开一扇门,打开另外一个世界。也希望建立东西方设计文化交流的桥梁。 For an international interior design competition, to reflect its international, cultural, professional. In terms of design, it is necessary to seek cultural and professional commonalities and apply symbols in the field of architectural design, such as Muslim architecture with mixed characteristics in Islamic culture, including arches and domes. Combining modern architectural thinking with traditional cultural thinking, the cup is designed with the arch structure of Muslim architecture, which means opening a door and opening another world. It is also hoped to build a bridge of communication between east and west in design culture.