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绿岛国际壹中心(Center One, International Green Island )
项目位于深圳坝光片区,依山傍海、东北侧临接城市滨水景观通廊,生态环境极佳。作为坝光片区三个公交枢纽站的首发项目,项目将打造成集绿色生态、智能高效、开放活力、空间融合于一体的新型科创服务综合体。 项目采用传统的院落式布局,高层建筑沿城市边界围合布置、底部裙房在四个街角开放,高效引入人流。高层建筑屋顶采用层层退台形式、高低错落,呼应远处起伏的山势,同时又保证高层酒店面朝大海的良好视野;笔直、硬朗的街角造型处理营造出冲击力极强的视觉效果。同时,通过创造出蔓延于地下、地面、空中的三维公共空间体系,将山、海、城有机联系在一起。开放的公共平台,构筑出舒适的城市客厅,满足市民换乘、观景、休憩、娱乐的需要,激发出充满活力的城市生活。 The project is located in the Baguang area in Shenzhen, near the mountains and sea, with the north side and east sides adjacent to the urban waterfront landscape corridor, enjoying an excellent ecological environment. As the pioneering project of three public transportation hubs in Baguang area, the design aims to build the project into a new scientific innovation service complex integrating green ecology, intelligence, high efficiency and vitality space. The project adopts the traditional courtyard layout. High-rise buildings are set up along the city boundary, and podium buildings are open to the four street corners, efficiently introducing a flow of people. The roof of the high-rise buildings uses the set-back model, with high and low platforms, echoing the rolling mountains in the distance, while ensuring a good view facing the sea. Meanwhile, the straight and sharp facades of street corners create a strong visual effect. We create a three-dimensional public space system composing the underground, the ground and the air, organically linking mountains, the sea and the city. The open public platform has built a comfortable urban living room to meet the citizens’ needs of transferring, landscape viewing, resting and entertaining, and stimulate a vibrant urban life.