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一次性一体化口罩 Integrated disposable mask
口罩整体由三部分组成:上部护目部分,对眼部进行防护;中部固定部分,运用软性材质可进行挤压对鼻梁部分根据不同鼻梁进行固定;下部口罩部分对鼻子与嘴进行防护。 口罩三合一一体组成:三合一一体组成一次性防护口罩,通过中间轴折叠的对口罩进行收纳,薄小轻便,方便产品的运输与日常收纳。 口罩佩戴更加简单:相比市面上普通护目镜与口罩分离形式的产品,体验更加简单,在佩戴时不需要分别两次佩戴口罩,护目镜,只需一次性佩带产品完成即可。 产品标语:一次佩戴,一次使用,一次全方位防护。 The whole mask is composed of three parts: the upper eye protection part to protect the eyes; the fixed part in the middle, which can be squeezed by soft materials to fix the bridge of nose according to different bridge of nose; the lower mask part to protect the nose and mouth. The mask is composed of three in one: the three in one is a disposable protective mask, which is folded by the intermediate shaft to store the mask. It is thin, small and light, convenient for the transportation and daily storage of products. The wearing of masks is simpler: compared with the products in the form of separation of ordinary goggles and masks on the market, the experience is simpler. When wearing masks and goggles, you don't need to wear them twice respectively. You only need to wear them once. Product slogan: one time wear, one time use, one time all-round protection.