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生白丨Raw White
虚室生白,致虚守静。那些初生的创作灵感,都是由无而生,由空而生,由纯粹而生的 。 这是个“生白”的空间,以白色为底色,空间的纯粹,以留白的更多可能,委托人想在这里建造“我的世界”,创造一个属于自己的精神堡垒。以复合商业空间的角度切入,我们思考着这个空间更多的商业复合可能。办公、沙龙、民宿、派对,或许空间的灵活性与复合性,正是设计前瞻性的体现。 Empty room makes white,Empty and keep quiet. The creative inspirations of the new born are born from nothing, from the empty, from the pure. This is a "Raw white" space, with white as the background color, the space is pure. With more possibilities for leaving blank, the client wants to build "My World" here and create a spiritual fortress of his own.Starting from the perspective of a compound commercial space, we are thinking about more commercial compounding possibilities in this space. Including office, salon, homesta, party, perhaps reflects the flexibility and complexity of the space, it is the forward-looking embodiment of the design.